Deceased Estates

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At Peter J. Griffin & Co, we offer professional legal advice on a wide range of issues, including deceased estates and preparation of Wills & Enduring Power of Attorneys. If you need legal advice and the preparation of documentation to finalise deceased estates, Probate, Letters of Administration, Wills & Enduring Power of Attorneys.

Deceased Estates & Wills in Applecross, WA

At Peter J. Griffin & Co, we seek to avoid conflict within families, helping to resolve matters quickly and in everyone’s best interests.

If someone close to you has died and you’ve been nominated as an executor in the Will, you may need to apply for probate to administer the deceased estate. However, if the person has died without leaving a valid Will, you may need to apply for Letters of Administration.

Additionally, our lawyer can help you with all of the paperwork involved, including assistance with inquiries and drafting documentation. Where you have made an application and received a Requisition Notice from the Probate Office, our Firm is able to provide assistance for you to answer the inquiries.

With more than 40 years experience in advising on Wills and probate matters, Peter J. Griffin & Co is able to advise on your legal issues. From drafting Wills and making applications for probate, to assist with Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court and estate disputes.

If you own assets and other property including superannuation and insurance policies, our firm provides advice to draft your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney as to suit your requirements.

Call us today on 1800 116 114 for legal assistance with deceased estate matters.
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