Reliable lawyer

Over the past 40 years, Peter J. Griffin & Co has experience to provide legal advice to resolve your legal problem. We are committed to delivering reliable and efficient legal services.

With our friendly and professional firm, you can look forward to receiving services that you can rely on to explain your legal case.


Peter J. Griffin & Co is dedicated to communicate in a friendly and practical way, to explain your claim and to get to the core of the issue.

At Peter J. Griffin & Co, we keep you informed throughout the entire process, ensuring that you always know and understand what’s happening.

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Peter J. Griffin and Co
Peter J. Griffin and Co
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Personal approach

Another aspect of our firm that our clients enjoy is easy access directly to their lawyer. This is part of our personalised approach to the services we provide. At Peter J. Griffin & Co, we value our clients and believe we work better together as a team. This means clear communication and face-to-face contact for discussions to resolve your case.

Real solutions to your legal problems

Peter J. Griffin & Co is a locally owned and operated firm that aims to provide professional services with the first 30 minutes consultation free for your convenience.
Call us today on 1800 116 114 to speak with our reliable lawyer.
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