Motor Vehicle Accidents

Professional help for motor vehicle accident compensation

If you have made a personal injuries claim, Peter J. Griffin & Co offers professional help for motor vehicle accident compensation. So if you need advice, just call to book an appointment. Our experienced firm will provide practical advice on your situation.

We’ll explain our part in the process should you wish to proceed with our services, as well as making sure you understand completely where you stand and your likely entitlements.

Car Accident Injury Lawyer Serving Applecross and Bunbury

Our lawyer will provide you with all the legal advice and assistance as required, including:

  • The merits of your claim and likely entitlement to compensation.
  • An explanation of the process involved in informal conferences and the negotiation of settlement claims with the Third Party Insurer.
  • Preparing assessments of damages, opinions and advising on quantum.
  • Preparing assessments of liability and advising on the risks associated with litigation.
  • Where necessary, preparing and lodging court proceedings and progressing the matter to a pre-trial conference.
  • If required, preparing documentation and arranging legal representation at court hearings.
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If you have made a personal injuries claim for a road accident injury in WA, you should be aware of the following factors:

  • The Third Party Insurer will only accept your claim where there is negligent driving on the part of the other driver.
  • The entitlement to damages for non-economic loss (pain and suffering, loss of amenities, loss of enjoyment of life generally, inconvenience), applies where injuries are considered serious enough to exceed the threshold, which is adjusted as of July 1 each year.
  • Most claims go to an informal conference arranged at the office of the Third Party Insurer for discussions on a without prejudice basis and negotiations on terms of settlement to finalise the personal injury claim.
  • Court proceedings may be commenced where the discussions for negotiations to finalise the claim at the informal conference are not successful.
  • There is a limitation period of three years to begin court proceedings.
  • At a pre-trial conference further negotiations may be entered into for a settlement of your personal injury claim.
  • A settlement which is negotiated is finalised with settlement documentation being signed by you and the insurer’s representative. Upon signing of the settlement documentation, the terms of the settlement negotiated are binding on all parties and the insurer.

For clarity on all these matters and what is the best course of action for your claim, call Peter J. Griffin & Co for practical legal advice.

With more than 40 years experience within the legal profession, we have the skills and experience to ensure that your full entitlements are pursued.

Our fees

At Peter J. Griffin & Co, we charge an hourly rate and part thereof. The time is broken down into 6 minute intervals and your final fee will depend on the time spent of service provided to finalise your claim. The terms of our costs agreement may be negotiated however, and we’re flexible in this regard, allowing for payment plans where necessary.

The hourly rate for our legal services is set by the Costs Committee Determination, as published under the Legal Profession Act 2008. We can send you our Retainer Agreement with a list of our fees.

Subject to our usual Terms and Conditions, where liability for your claim is admitted, we are prepared to act on the basis of “No win – No fee”.

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Call us today on 1800 116 114 for help with motor vehicle accident compensation claims.
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